Cleaning and Negative Thoughts

Help Me Declutter Clean KitchenJust read a great article on in regards to cleaning. Here at Help Me Declutter we really take cleaning and organising seriously. The article says that cleaning is underrated and undervalued and we agree!

When your home is organised and clean you tend to feel a sense of pride. You can relax or have people over without having to feel the dreadful feeling in your gut that say “Oh No, Not Not, I’ve still got to clean!”. Cleaning can reconnect you to your living space and help you feel refreshed and renewed. Now we’re not going to say that cleaning and organising is not hard work because well it is. It’s the after part that were talking about. The after glow of a clean and organised space can be revitalising.

If you are procrastinating on a declutter session, think about this. Once you are finished and things are in order, you WILL feel better. If you have feelings of guilt or stress that come along with projects like this, get some help! Imagine fresh clean smells and books and things where they belong. Imagine the time you save when you try to find something. It’s all about removing a negative collection of feelings and bringing back your positive thoughts. Your senses improve because you are no longer worrying so clean and get things organised. It’s worth it!

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Organised Crafting

I love extremely organised ( and pretty ) craft areas. Really, how can you go wrong? This person seems to have a heap of craft stuff but it is easy to find and quite inspiring.


Source: via Janie on Pinterest

Is your craft area organised and free of clutter? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear the method to your craft madness!

Clutter Challenges

Clutter in your home or home office can sometimes cause you emotional hardships. We’ve all been there. Someone announces they are coming over last minute and all you can do is think about all of the piles of stuff you’ve been meaning to get to.  That little voice in your head begins to put pressure on you and you start feel overwhelmed. Well we’ve got a few quick tips to help you avoid clutter as to help this NOT happen any longer!

1. Set a NO PROCRASTINATING rule! This one may be hard to stick to but we promise, if you set a rule that says you are not allowed to procrastinate when it comes to clutter, you will always come out on top. Hold yourself ( and the people you live with ) accountable for doing things right now. You are less likely to put them off for another time if the rule is, DON’T Procrastinate!

2. Be AWARE. A common saying, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” is true. Don’t let closed doors fool you. Clutter will exist even if it is shoved behind a door. Be aware of what you bring into your home. If you tend to buy things that you will never use, set a new rule in the house that says you must wait XX amount of days before purchasing. This makes you more aware of the necessity of the item and allows you a time buffer to figure out if you REALLY need it or were you just purchasing on impulse. Being aware of your emotions in what goes in and out of your home helps you stay in control.

3. Setup SYSTEMS that work. In decluttering, setting up systems to control where items end up helps immensely. Incoming mail should be stored near stamps and letter openers so you can process through them efficiently. Everything has a home so be sure and keep that in mind as things come into the home.

So are you up for the challenge? We want to help you rid your life of clutter and gain your space back! We’d love to hear your take on your tips. Please leave us a comment below and thanks for sharing!

Focusing on the Outcome

Have you ever walked into a room in your home only to walk back out and close the door behind you to try and forget what you just saw? Avoiding the clutter won’t make it go away (Trust us we know lol)! Sometimes just the thought of having to declutter becomes a mental block. Next time you feel that mental block creeping back in stop and focus on the outcome of the decluttering session.

Another bump in the road you may have to overcome is losing steam. Don’t worry, loosing steam is common on decluttering projects. The way to overcome this common feeling is to set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and tackle any large projects over smaller time spurts. Reward yourself after each session. You can go sit outdoors in the sun and listen to the birds or maybe read a few pages of your favourite book. The trick is always getting back to business and finishing what you started. The reward of finishing a decluttering project is that you feel a weight has been lifted off your shoulders once the project is completed! The key to making decluttering painless is to never let it bring you down emotionally and always ask for help whenever possible. Think about this as just another project you get to tick off your list! Go Go Go!

Have you had to tackle clutter in your home or home office lately? If so where did you start? Please leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear how you work through issues like the ones we’ve mentioned above.

One in, one out, no exceptions

Recently came across this saying on a blog…

“One in, one out, no exceptions”

I started to think about it and realized I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. I can actually think of a few instances when this should be the rule.

1. Kids toy purchases. If you buy a new one, one must go to charity. Think about how much space you would save if you follow this idea.

2. Buying new clothing. If you’ve recently changed sizes you are probably going to be purchasing some new clothing. Just remember to replace or reuse anything else instead of just expanding. We’ve learned a trick or two from our favourite Personal Fashion Stylist Gwen Style.

3. Books, unless you have enough space for a library you will want to at least give a few away as you get new ones. I know it’s hard when some are you favourite reads. Try to at least give away the ones you haven’t read in years and have no plans on reading in the future. Same goes with Magazines. Keeping a few for ideas or crafting is fine as long as they are neatly organised. Also don’t forget the Kindle! This is a great decluttering tool!

4. Linens. Collecting 30+ different sets of linens may keep you happy but the space this takes up ( and the clutter that results ) should be evaluated. If you don’t have the space, you will need to give away your oldest most used linens. You can also try to recycle them into other sewing projects if they are very worn. Most people only need a few sets for each bed in order to accommodate wash cycles.

Remember, all old things can go to charity don’t chuck them!

So what about you, do you subscribe to the one in, one out, no exceptions philosophy? Why or why not?

Do you have any other rules that you use too?


Easy to Forget Clutter

Help me Declutter! Sometimes it’s the easy to forget clutter that gets you!

It’s true, if you are like most people you may forget to declutter the most obvious places. Here is a quick list of things you should never ignore when it comes to decluttering.

1. Your bag/purse. Yes! It is easy to remember to declutter the home. You’ve got visitors and others to be accountable to. Mum is coming to visit so you immediately think “AH! I’ve got to take care of this mess.” But does mum go in your purse? or anyone else for that matter? This one is easy to forget as we are often so busy and just shove everything in and out of it.

2. The pantry. The pantry always seem to become a catch all for things that are in the kitchen. Whilst this isn’t a bad thing, it can be if you are limited in space. Also keeping the pantry organised helps you inventory what you have and eliminates waste and duplicates of things you rarely use. Some people will periodically re-organise this area but moving items around doesn’t help eliminate the overpopulation of “stuff” that accumulates here.

3. Under the sink. Yes, this dreaded dark and mysterious place should be dealt with! You’ve heard me say that everything has a place. Well there are items that belong under the sink BUT it is not an area that should house everything you don’t want to see. It is good organising space for things like bath towels or other bathroom/kitchen essentials. You want to be sure and remove anything that has been down there for years that you forgot about. If you have not used something in a long time, you will want to find a new home for it. Also, if you have small children you don’t ever want to store anything harmful this close to their reach.

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Stages of Clutter and the Solutions that Work!

As professional organisers we have seen all stages of clutter. Clutter can be an emotional response to things going on in our lives. It can also add to stress that we may already be feeling about something else. Identifying the reason and the method used to get to the cluttered state may help you steer clear of it in the future.

We’re here to help you identify a few of the clutter stages and hopefully get you on the right track.

Issue: The short on time clutter. You are a very busy mum juggling a million things at once. You run in, drop the mail on the hallway table and jet back out the door to soccer practice. You do this several times a week only to end up with a huge pile that you regret having to go through.

Solution: Setup a process for handling mail and other papers. You want to use a good sorter for mail and it needs to have enough room for the volume of mail you receive each day. I know it’s tempting to have it at the front door, but that is where being short of time can lead you to piles of hard to manage paper. Store incoming mail/papers in the spot where you are most likely to read them. Mail should be dealt with daily!

Issue: I never toss a thing! This is hard, we know you want to save everything you can from your children’s art work to every copy of your favourite magazine. Resist the urge!

Solution: If you like to keep your children’s art, you must have a storage place for them ( and the room to keep them ). A good rule of thumb is if you are living in a small space, you can only keep a small amount of things. If you have plenty of room, it means you can keep a little more but don’t overdo it. If you have the space to store more then you need to invest in a storage option to keep the things you love organised. Ask the children to pick their favourite art… It will help you cull.   Also write a story on the artwork ie: what they liked and why it’s great looking back on those! Try to only keep a few of the things instead of all. This would actually be the best solution in terms of clutter. A professional organiser can help you determine the best way to store and showcase your items in an efficient and lovely manner.

Issue: I’m drowning in clutter. This is where a professional organiser can help. You may feel overwhelmed with the mass piles or collections.

Solution: Seek assistance. Many people don’t realise that this is something that can be triggered by an emotional response to something going on in their life. It could be financial, relationship or health reasons.  Your clutter may not even be extreme. It’s the feelings associated with it that can trigger an unhappy response and lead to a vicious cycle.

For more tips check out this great article from on When Clutter gets Pathological.


Tips to enjoying your clutter free Christmas!

As we wind up to the big event this year I’d like to share some tips to get you through one of the most stressful weeks of the year. We want you to enjoy your Christmas and not feel too stressed out about entertaining in your home.

If you have not picked up your tree this year it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and declutter BEFORE bringing it home. Think about all the space your Christmas decorations will take up. Can you really afford not to declutter the area? Do you want the room to feel stuffy and busy? The answer is most likely not. So start clean and keep decorations simple. No need to go overboard.

Choose a theme/colour and run with it. Go with one colour scheme. Sticking to one colour theme keeps decorations from feeling too overbearing. When someone comes in to your home and see tons of Christmas Bears, Bells, lots of shiny things and 25 other colours throughout the area the mood for your party may start to feel chaotic. Think festive and blend in your own style. This will also make it easier to plan out your dining table. You can go with one colour for all of your party needs and make the entire process easier. If you also decide on an overall theme this will help you create a consistent entertaining environment and keep the atmosphere sparkling!

If you are out doing last minute shopping this week then you will want to make sure your home is nice and relaxing when you arrive back. Keep decor simple and festive; taking the time to declutter and ease into Christmas with less stress!

Tips courtesy of Manly Daily.


How to get your home ready for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching (I know! it was just July right?) it’s time to think about how to handle getting your home ready whilst adding minimal clutter. It’s time to make sure the spare room is clean and ready for visitors! The first thing you will want to ensure is the room is free of clutter. If this room has become a catch all you will need to go through the piles and clear them out. What is the plan as far as sleeping arrangements? If you have a bed in the spare room already great, but you may need to dust off the Aerobed and check for any holes in case more show up! Take inventory, do you have the spare basic accessories you need for visitors like bath towels, bathrobes or toiletries just in case? This goes for the bathroom too. You want your guests to feel comfy and enjoy their home away from home.

This is also a great time to start planning out any entertaining. Go through your kitchen and ensure you have everything you need for any parties you are planning. Do you have adequate serving dishes and utensils? If this is your first year hosting Christmas lunch you may need to take stock and expand your kitchen supply to get the job done! If you need to purchase maybe purchase a second hand set or one that will last through the holidays – without Santa and his reindeer on it! That way you can reuse the set come next birthday that is hosted at your home. Do you need any additional decorations or seating? Things to really think about when planning for this grand season! Spend some time out thinking about your recipes now.  You will need to get into the shops early for the long-life products, and then you can save just the fresh food for the last minute.  You may want to pre-order platters or even think about getting your online grocery orders done now. Oh and don’t forget the Christmas bush! It is a great one to have cuttings of throughout the season – looks lovely and its flowering now.

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Phase II, The Keep Pile and The Finish!

Continuing from our last blog…. You are on the last leg of this project and thankfully the easiest! Yes, that’s right the HARD PART is OVER! Ok, We were on to step 5. Grab your keep pile and head back to the area you are working on. You are also going to want to grab any paper sketches you made of the area as well as any lists of things you wanted to change.

So you’ve got this pile of stuff you want to keep. Now we’ve got to sort the keep pile! How do you do this?

1. Start grouping items by where it belongs in the property. Books or magazines? They should all go in their appropriate area. Printer and envelopes? Yes, keep them but now they need to be transported over to their RIGHTFUL place. Group everything into their own piles until you have nothing left. Keep like things together, this is the key to decluttering and organising.

2. Begin transporting each set of items to their appropriate home. Putting them in the exact spot they belong. You are going to want to carry along a list so that if this area needs to be decluttered as well you have it written down and can decide on a plan of action.

3. You should be left with just the items that belong in this area. Now you will place them exactly how you envisioned when you started planning this project.

Congrats you’ve successfully decluttered an entire area, not only tossing broken items but giving items new life by recycling and donating. This is a huge deal! Reward yourself with a nice relaxing sit in your favourite chair to read or maybe a night out to a cafe. Do something fun!

Wait! Before you go, grab that list of areas you wrote down that also need decluttering and pencil in another time to get things done!

Did we help you declutter?

Leave us feedback of any projects, we’d love to see your results! Feel free to call Help Me Declutter on 0433 400 199 for help.

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