Tips to enjoying your clutter free Christmas!

As we wind up to the big event this year I’d like to share some tips to get you through one of the most stressful weeks of the year. We want you to enjoy your Christmas and not feel too stressed out about entertaining in your home.

If you have not picked up your tree this year it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and declutter BEFORE bringing it home. Think about all the space your Christmas decorations will take up. Can you really afford not to declutter the area? Do you want the room to feel stuffy and busy? The answer is most likely not. So start clean and keep decorations simple. No need to go overboard.

Choose a theme/colour and run with it. Go with one colour scheme. Sticking to one colour theme keeps decorations from feeling too overbearing. When someone comes in to your home and see tons of Christmas Bears, Bells, lots of shiny things and 25 other colours throughout the area the mood for your party may start to feel chaotic. Think festive and blend in your own style. This will also make it easier to plan out your dining table. You can go with one colour for all of your party needs and make the entire process easier. If you also decide on an overall theme this will help you create a consistent entertaining environment and keep the atmosphere sparkling!

If you are out doing last minute shopping this week then you will want to make sure your home is nice and relaxing when you arrive back. Keep decor simple and festive; taking the time to declutter and ease into Christmas with less stress!

Tips courtesy of Manly Daily.


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